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Whether it’s power pilates or pumpkin smoothies, I’m here for all things wellness.

3 Easy, Affordable Sustainable Living Ideas

Hello There!

I’m Christine, a mama and former journalist with a passion for health and fitness. I created Fresh + Lively because I was frustrated by all the noise in the wellness space. I was tired of clickbait-y headlines and so-called experts who served their knowledge with a side of judgement. You won’t find any of that on Fresh + Lively.

I share real, accurate information about healthy living gleaned from impartial reporting and unbiased scientific research.Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas, workout tips, or information on where to buy clean beauty products, I’m here to help you on your wellness journey. And I won’t judge if you eat a bag of Cheetos or use a plastic straw along the way.

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My Story

It was 2006. Everyone was doing the South Beach Diet, obsessing over Paris Hilton, and wearing Juicy Couture. I was 25 years old and living in LA, working the 3 am shift at CBS News as I climbed the corporate ladder. I subsisted on coffee and peanut butter, sleep was nonexistent, and I was smoking at least one pack of cigarettes every day.

Physically, I felt like crap. Mentally, I felt even worse. I obsessed over calories — always shooting for the minimum 1200 a day — only to binge on fistfuls of candy at 3pm. I was desperate eat better, look better, and be a better version of myself.

But “better” was never good enough.

Then it finally happened: I earned a full-time position as the producer of a consumer news show. No more going to work at 3am, no more worrying about whether I was ever going to get a “real” job. I had made it!

My job was changing, and it was time to change my lifestyle, too.

Within three months of starting my new job, I quit smoking, started exercising daily and began eating healthy, whole foods. I lost 10 pounds thanks to these lifestyle changes. But more importantly, I began a meaningful, holistic wellness journey.

Fourteen years and what feels like a lifetime later, I’m still as committed to healthy living as I was on day one. During that time, I’ve interviewed health gurus such as Dr. Oz and Kelly LeVeque. I’ve read countless books and scoured the Internet for information. And I’ve not only questioned my sources, but also my sources’ sources.

And I’ve reached an important realization: if it sounds like common sense, then it probably is.

That’s what I share here on Fresh + Lively: accurate, helpful information for your unique wellness journey. From healthy snack recipes to holistic cold remedies, safer cleaning products to living sustainably, it’s all here. Explore the blog to learn more, or subscribe for blog updates so you’ll never miss a post!