10 Sustainable Self-Care Ideas

10 Easy, Affordable Self-Care Ideas

Lord knows I luuuuuurve the idea of #selfcaresunday! As a busy mom, I rarely make time for myself to just decompress. So the self-care movement has served as a much-needed reminder for me to just STOP. While that sometimes means getting my nails done or treating myself to cold-pressed juice, self-care doesn’t have to mean going out and spending money or buying something new. For me, it’s about taking time to put my best interest first.

Here are 10 ideas for prioritizing YOU this weekend! 

  1. Spend the day in your coziest “home clothes.” Whether it’s perfectly-worn sweats or your softest skivvies, spending the day wearing your favorite never-outside-the-house outfit feels indulgent. I’ve experienced a lot of skin irritation from underwear since I had James, and spending at least one full day in my Organic Basics TENCEL undies helps a lot. A lot of fashion underwear is made with synthetic materials, which tend to irritate my sensitive skin, but TENCEL is made from wood pulp, which is non-irritating. Bonus: these briefs are seamless so I can wear them underneath my favorite leggings.

  2. Sip a kicked-up cup of cocoa. I often forget to take my supplements, but sipping a cup of adaptogenic hot cocoa helps make up for it. I’m currently making mine with Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend. You can find the recipe here.

  3. Dig through your beauty cabinet or pantry for a DIY facial. Spa days are great but why spend time in the car – or money on a treatment when you likely have everything you need right at home! I like to start by exfoliating with my Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel, then layer on a treatment. Sometimes I’ll use my cleansing balm like a mask, or make a soothing blend of avocado, yogurt, honey, and olive oil. If you’re looking for DIY mask ideas, this is a great article.

  4. Make that appointment you’ve been putting off. I’m horrible about making doctors’ appointments! It seems I can always find an excuse not to make the call, or make time for the appointment itself. While most doctors’ offices aren’t open on weekends, leaving a message means they’ll call me back on Monday, forcing me to prioritize my health and tick of that to-do.

  5. Try walking mediation. Ditch the headphones and lace up your sneakers, then head outside. Taking time to really notice and be present in your surroundings is so restorative! You can also bring a friend (furry ones count) and enjoy just being together without having to say anything. There’s such intimacy in not giving each other permission not to speak!

  6. Indulge in exercise. My weekday workouts often feel like one more task to check off my list. So on weekends, I try to take time to engage in exercise I truly enjoy. Whether it’s my favorite yoga class, or a run along my favorite path, I try to take enough time that I don’t feel rushed for a change. This is also my opportunity to take my time stretching and showering, which really feels decadent.

  7. Make cuddle time. So often we’re running from one thing to the next that we don’t take time to just stop and be with the ones we love. Spend extra time lying in bed with your little, snuggling with your partner on the couch, or curled up with your favorite pet. In addition to the immediate feel-good effect, extra cuddle time will stimulate your body to release oxytocin, boost the immune system, and may even prevent heart disease.

  8. Listen to a podcast that feeds your soul…without multitasking. I love listening to podcasts when I drive around, but I often miss out on key details while I’m paying attention to the road. If I have a little time on the weekend, I love to pop my earbuds in, close my eyes and listen to an inspiring podcast like On Being or Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations. I usually emerge feeling replenished and positive about the world around me.

  9. Create. Are you creative? Then use this time as your chance to work on that project you never seem to get around to. In a rut? Try an adult coloring book, stream of consciousness writing, or go see some art that inspires you.

  10. Meal prep something fabulous. Personally, I find it hard to get excited about the same ol’ steamed veggies every week. I love spending Sunday mornings at the farmer’s market, where I can usually find something new and exciting to cook up. If I don’t have time to shop, my self-care time can be a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen with a fun slow-cooker meal (often these are freezer-friendly!) or a giant batch of roasted veggies tossed in a fun spice blend. While it may not feel like self-care at the time, my usual leftover lunches will feel special all week long.

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