I Started Using Cleansing Balm And It Changed My Life

I started using cleansing balm and it changed my life

While my title may be a tad dramatic, a single jar of Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm has convinced me never to go back to traditional cleansing methods.

Finding a gentle yet effective cleanser for my sensitive skin has been a challenge for me. Foam cleansers and bars often leave my face feeling dry and tight, and those that claim to be gentle often don’t remove my makeup. In the past I’ve solved this problem by double cleansing, first with an oil or micellar water, and then with a gentle cream cleanser. Not only is this expensive, but there’s a hidden, third step: eye makeup removal. Anything that was effective enough to remove my mascara would often give me contact dermatitis on my face, and anything that was gentle enough for my face was usually completely ineffective on my eyes.

So when I started reading about cleansing balms about a year ago, I was intrigued. The claims were intoxicating: effective, one-step cleansing for sensitive skin that would leave your face soft and hydrated. It sounded like an easy “yes” until I saw the price tag: $80. For a cleanser. Not happening.

Still, the idea stuck in my head. While the three cleansing and makeup removal products I was using were all around $10, I was constantly replenishing. I did the math and figured out it would take 4-6 months for the cost of my current products to equal that of a cleansing cream. While I was skeptical that any cleanser could last that long, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do some more research, so I marched into Credo in San Francisco with a head full of numbers and a mouthful of questions.

The sales associate steered me toward the Neal’s Yard balm, which immediately resonated with me because rose was a key ingredient. (My skin really, really likes rose. Score one for cleansing balm.) Then she offered to let me test it out, and I quickly discovered that a pea-sized amount would not only dissolve my blush, bronzer, and foundation, but it would also completely remove my stubborn mascara AND condition my lashes. She also suggested I slather it on as a mask, steam my face, and then sleep in it. Encouraged not only by the multi-use product, but also by the money math, I decided to take the plunge.

Four months later, my skin is glowing, my beauty routine is five minutes shorter, and I’m barely halfway through the jar. Unless there’s some major breakthrough in beauty that enables me to sonically cleanse my face while giving me a rejuvenating mini-facial, I don’t see myself ever using another type of product.

File this one under totally worth it.

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