5 Healthy Holiday Recipes From the Trader Joe’s Frozen Section

Trader Joe’s hacks for quick and healthy holiday recipes.

I looooooove me some Trader Joe’s frozen finds! During the holidays, these quick and easy dishes turn my freezer into a secret weapon for churning out healthy holiday recipes that taste 100 percent homemade. We also have a couple family members who are gluten- and dairy-intolerant, which means I have to get creative when cooking up traditional side dishes. Fortunately, TJ’s stocks a lot of gluten-free and paleo options, which means I can do all my grocery shopping in one stop.

This year, they’ve expanded their offerings even further…which got me really excited! But just how good are Trader Joe’s latest creations? And — more importantly — how can we make them taste even better? Here are five healthy holiday recipes from the Trader Joe’s frozen section. You can make all 5 in about 90 minutes. Total. I’ve included both product and recipe info below. Click through for details!

I can’t wait to see what you cook up! My only ask: if you do use one of my recipes, please post a pic to Instagram and tag me! (@freshandlively) Happy Holidays!

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