8 Unexpected Reasons To Start Working Out

8 Unexpected Reasons To Start Working Out

My last post explained how New Year’s resolution to get healthy changed my life. So it may seem hypocritical for me to say that I don’t think it’s a good idea to start working out just because it’s a new year. I’m not saying you shouldn’t start your exercise plan this month. What I am saying is that the change in calendars isn’t a good enough reason. That alone won’t motivate you to hit the gym on mornings when your alarm goes off before dark, the rain is coming down horizontally, and you’re still so sore from your last workout that you can barely walk down the stairs.

I know. I’ve lived it.

So what will get you to whip up a smoothie, warm up the car, and get your workout on? The positive effects that regular workouts will have on your whole life. You know those dramatic weight loss stories where the person in the “after” photo is lighter in more ways than just pounds? There’s a reason for that. The positive health changes that come when you start working out will touch every aspect of your life: your emotions, your career, your family, and your health.

Here Are 8 Unexpected Reasons To Start Working Out:

Freedom from the scale. If you’re eating right and exercising regularly, your body will naturally end up where it’s supposed to be. So get active, and get rid of the scale!

You’ll feel happier and more confident. Not only does exercise release endorphins, but using your muscles immediately makes them contract. That means your clothes will become looser, your posture straighter, and you’ll feel more in control of your body after just a few workouts.

You’ll have more energy. Another positive side-effect of those exercise endorphins: more get-up-and-go. And the energy boost lasts long after you work out, which is why so many people say it feels great to work out first thing in the morning.

You’ll get organized. Now we’re into cascading positive side effects. Because more energy and more confidence means you become more competent. When I’m working out consistently, the rest of my life seems to fall right into place. Things get done efficiently, my desk is neat, and James gets picked up from school right on time. You want to get it together in 2019? Then start working out!

It’s a free way to socialize. Trying to save money? Invite a friend to go for a hike, walk around the neighborhood, or do an exercise video. Not only will those things help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals, they’re also a hell of a lot cheaper than grabbing drinks.

Sweating feels good. “I totally regret working out this morning,” said no one ever. That’s because while many of us don’t like working out, we all like having worked out. Between the endorphins, the feelings of accomplishment, and the sense of control over you body and your life, what’s not to like?

You’ll meet new people. Whether you’re running around the block, hitting the gym, or taking a spin class, chances are your exercise follows a pretty predictable schedule. So when you start working out, you’ll also start running into people with the same schedule and healthy interests as you. Bonus: they probably live near by. Hello, new best friends!

Your body will amaze you. Smashing your fitness goals creates a deep sense of satisfaction. Our bodies are amazing! And when we challenge them to show us what they can really do, we’re often in for a happy surprise.

It’s an excuse to buy those cute yoga pants on your wish list. Because now you actually need them! Need I say more?  

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