As an award-winning journalist and content marketer, I create content that pops across a variety of media. I produced in-depth investigative reports and a celebrated consumer talk show for CBS radio, then devoured my city and digested my experiences into delicious content as Deputy Editor of I went on to craft smart copy for A-list clients, and published engaging blog posts for 14 million eyeballs at 

These days, I combine my love of the written word and SEO expertise as a content creator and strategist. Whether I’m sharing my favorite nut butter on Instagram or teaching my subscribers about the best clean beauty treatments, I craft and strategically position beautiful, engaging content for products and services I believe in.

When I’m not at my keyboard or behind the camera, you’ll find me covered in compost in my organic vegetable garden, doing drop sets of burpees at the gym, or in my kitchen whipping up creative, wholesome meals for my family. I love to leverage my passions into top-quality content for my clients. 

If you’d like to collaborate with me, let’s connect!